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Aging in Place

Living Safely and Independently in Your Home

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At Sumer Builders we understand the desire to live in our own homes even as we age. In these cases, safety is just as important as independence.  We take all factors into consideration including lifestyle and environment to determine the approach to a Universal Design for your home.

Universal Design is a virtually invisible element of a home when done well.  Our Design goal is to meet the needs of all occupants and all levels of physical capability.   We take into account the immediate needs but also plan for what the future might bring.  As an example, there might not be a need for grab bars in the shower now but we would build the infrastructure to easily add these later. This Adaptable design concept addresses problems of individual differences and changes in capability over time.In the unfortunate event of traumatic injury, where time is of the essence, we are able to respond quickly to get your home prepared for the return and recovery of your loved ones.  We can involve your medical team (always with your permission) in discussing with us a design that meets your immediate and long-term requirements.  This will provide you the most cost-effective solution now and in the future.

Another key Design concept is Visitability.  As we age so do our family, friends and contemporaries.  While you may not have problems with steps or other access points to our home, your friends or family members might.  By making your home accessible you can insure your long-term friendships can be maintained on a face-to-face basis.  Likewise, family members with traumatic injuries can continue on their road to recovery by enjoying your company in your home.

Design Services we offer:

We are happy to meet and discuss your needs now and for the future.  Just contact us by phone or email to schedule a no obligation review of your home.  At this review we can ideas about what you can do to  make your home safe and allow you to live independently .  We also provide full installation and build services for all designs you might consider.

1st Floor Living Spaces
Common areas within home may need to be changed to accommodate your situation.  This could be changing doorway widths, flooring type, step elimination (e.g. in a split level home).

While the bathroom design may need to change to accommodate your situation,  it is just as important that access to the bathroom be unhindered.  This may mean widening hallways, doorways and changing the flooring to be safe and easy to use.

Depending on circumstances, a determination of the bathroom configuration needs to be made.  For example, the turning radius of a wheelchair needs to be considered as well as special needs for the flooring, sink, toilet, bath and shower.  The Sumer Builders Certified Aging in Place Specialist is experienced and trained on all options available from a wide range of manufacturers.  They will advise you on choices that will fully meet your budget and requirements. 

The kitchen can become a very challenging place as we age or for those with traumatic injuries.  Even a generously sized kitchen space may not meet your needs for accessibility.  Our designs customize the kitchen to be user-friendly and meet the needs of everyone in the household.  Some considerations include storage, preparation areas, cooking, serving and cleaning.  We have access to a wide range of flooring, cabinetry, countertops and appliances that meet various requirements.  We can also build in place cabinets and counters to specific measurements.

Assistive Equipment:
Sumer Builders can provide you full turnkey solutions for manual and/or electric hoists and similar assistive equipment.  We can build the infrastructure required and arrange full installation, training and maintenance of the device for you. We are also happy to work with your provider to install the infrastructure to support their product. 

Access to the home (Ramps and Sidewalks) from outside can be problematic.  There are many challenges including enough space and local regulations that must be considered as part of the design.  Sumer Builders has the experience to insure your access is usable and meets all codes.

Patio/Deck Access:
Enjoyment of the outdoor spaces does not need to be limited.  We can include access to your existing deck or patio as part of the design or build accessible areas that allow you to extend your living space outside the home.

Other Design Considerations:
Sumer Builders can design and install solutions in the following areas:

2nd Floor Access:
     - Stair Lift
     - Elevator

 - Back-up Power
 - Motion Sensor Lighting
 - Security Lights
 - Wireless Control for Security and Entertainment

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